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Get proof of competence before you hire

A skills assessment platform that gives hiring teams incredible insight into candidates' job-specific skills. So you find and shortlist quality talent, real fast!

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skills-based hiring pipeline

No tool switching. Screen, assess, hire.

All the capabilities you might need – neatly in one place. Map out your hiring process visually. Stack assessments and let the skills do the talking.

Know who's really good at their job.

Ensure your new hires have the skills required for the job. Dip into our library of pre-built assessment templates to easily test technical and soft skills.

Hire faster and more objectively.

Trust a transparent, data-driven process to flush out the best talent. Compare candidates on their ability and make confident hiring decisions faster.

Trusted by great companies worldwide:

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“Toggl Hire has made hiring fast, easy, and enjoyable.”
– Monese, Online Banking

In skills we trust

(not made up CVs or humble-braggy interviews)

Instead of asking candidates to talk about their past performance, get them to demonstrate their job-specific skills. Go from 500 applications to a shortlist of 50 great candidates in one afternoon.

150+ templates

Quickly assess relevant skills.

Pick from our library of 150+ ready-made Job templates to start in seconds. Assess any skill with role-specific questions and assessments.

Create a job with Toggl Hire's ready-made job templates

Go in-depth. Create multi-level assessments.

Create a role-specific assessment flow
by stacking pre-suggested skills tests, video intros, homework tasks, and interview notes under one Job.

Stack assessments into a flow

Gain back your time by automating busywork.

Experience time-efficient hiring. From automated screening to next-step invites and instant feedback – automate the tedious work. Love the rest.

Automate the busywork
4 out of 5 candidates 🧡 it

Stamp out bias, earn candidates’ love.

Give every candidate a fair chance at showcasing their skills, regardless of their background, gender, or ethnicity. Find the diamonds in the rough – all while building a stellar reputation in the talent market.

Stamp out bias, earn candidates’ love

Build a seamless hiring workflow

Get your flow on – mix and match different types of skills assessments to create a role-specific hiring process. Assess, shortlist, hire.

Screen skills, not CVs

Ditch the CV. Get candidates to apply via quiz-like skills assessments and evaluate the skills needed on the job. Let the scoring system shortlist top performers for you.

Screen skills, not CVs

Put a face to a name

Run discovery interviews in your sleep – record an intro to invite candidates, select questions and watch the answers pour in. Review and assess videos at your convenience.

asynchronous video intros setup on toggl hire

Deep-dive into the practical

Discover what your candidates are really capable of by giving them real-world problems to solve. Get to the bottom of their thinking and practical know-how with ready-made assignments.

Deep-dive into the practical

Run productive interviews

Make the most out of your interviews. Ask pointy questions that reveal candidates’ motivations, character and interpersonal skills. Always come prepared without having to prepare.

Run productive interviews

Ready-made tests for any skill or role.

types of skills for testingLEARN MORE ABOUT SKILLS TESTS
How to shortlist candidates in 2 clicks on Toggl Hire

Go from high volume to high potential in 2 clicks.

Sift through hundreds of applications in minutes with a score-driven sorting. Spot high-potential candidates instantly. Reject low-scoring candidates with meaningful feedback and focus on top talent only.

Smooth hiring team collaboration with notes on Toggl Hire

Get everyone on the same page with smooth team collaboration.

Bring your hiring team together to share feedback and review your candidates in one centralized place. Your team can now weigh in on hiring decisions by starring or tagging candidates with just one click.

Reliable cheat-proof skills tests with anti-cheating measures

Trust the results you get with cheat-proof tests.

Rely on our anti-cheating measures to confidently assess any skill. Know who's an expert and who's a cheat, even when it’s outside of your expertise.

Who loooves Toggl Hire?

Companies hiring remote talent

High-growth teams scaling rapildy

Companies recruiting graduates & interns

And everyone else who wants to hire the best person for the job.
Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the test thinking all they have to lose is a few minutes of their time.
Andrin Product Lead
Product Lead
We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can’t keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.
HR Manager
It’s nice to compare candidates’ performance in the Toggl Hire skills test with their performance during the interview process. It helps to make better and more confident hiring decisions.
Fatima Recruiter
Toggl Hire’s quality exceeds the quality of other tools on the market at a very competitive and attractive price point. We highly recommend the solution to tech recruiters.
Alexis Proxify
Head of Talent Acquisition
Flatworld’s business is to find great remote talent for companies. We’ve been using Toggl Hire for 2+ years. It’s easy and helps us perform a quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great Candidate Experience.
Gilad Flatworld
Co-founder & CEO
I knew that if I look at resumes, I will unintentionally start judging candidates by certain characteristics. Toggl Hire helped us assess candidates as objectively as possible.
Emil Listonic
International Head of Sales

Create your skills-first hiring flow in 3 simple steps

toggl hire job specific skills templates

Select a Job template from our library

Pick roles from development, sales, marketing, customer support, and more.

skills test builder modal and question sample

Arrange skills assessments in a visual pipeline

Map out your hiring stages visually and attach relevant tests.

skills test sharing options on toggl hire

Share your Job with the world

Post a link to your skills test on job boards, social media, or your careers page.

We’ve been hiring remotely since 2014

Toggl is one of the pioneers of the remote work movement. We’ve learned to hire remotely by hiring 150+ people around the world. So we literally wrote a book about it – all the secrets, lessons, and tips. Enjoy!

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