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Smart testing for informed hiring

Screen and hire candidates effortlessly with Smart Skills Tests. Go from 500 applicants to the 50 strongest candidates in one afternoon.

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Remain unbiased

Judge candidates on abilities only.

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Screen faster

Shortlist candidates from 500 to top 50 in minutes.

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Hire quality

Spend more time on higher-calibre candidates.

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Happy candidates

81% candidates love the experience.

Easy skills test creation

Save time without sacrificing quality. Our expert-created 15,000+ questions are already matched to on-the-job skills, for your peace of mind.

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    180+ skills to test
  • job role skills templates icon of layers
    150+ job role templates
  • custom tests option icon
    Custom options
  • 2-click test setup icon
    Fast 2-click setup
  • cheat-proof skills testing icon
    Cheat-proof infrastructure
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Speedy candidate screening

Screen candidates based on their skills test scores. Go from 500 to a shortlist of 50 in one afternoon - that's the power of Toggl Hire.

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    Customizable passing grade
  • ability to filter and shortlist icon
    Automatic filtering by score
Toggl Hire shortlisting dashboard

Simple candidate management

Organize, tag, and manage candidates in one place. Collaborate with your team on candidate feedback and send candidates emails directly from the app.

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    Rejection email templates
  • ability to export candidate list icon
    Candidate export
  • pipeline view on toggl hire icon
    Pipeline view
  • ability to add tags on toggl hire icon
  • ability to edit candidate info on toggl hire icon
  • ability to add attachments to skills test icon
user interface on toggl hire for candidate management

Video intros

Scale the unscalable. Screen multiple candidates at once with pre-recorded video messages.

  • human interaction at scale icon
    Human interaction at scale
  • assessing critical skills icon
    Quickly assess critical skills
  • ability to comment icon
    Share team-wide for review
  • ability to re-record video answers icon
    Reduce stress with re-records
  • custom tests option icon
    Select interview questions
async video interview user interface on toggl hireLearn more about Video Intros→

Optimize the process

Keep your finger on the pulse of your hiring process with powerful insights and analytics. Discover your best candidate sources, time to hire, and more.

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    Candidate feedback
  • traffic sources icon
    Traffic sources
  • question performance icon
    Question performance
optimize candidate sourcing toggl hire recruitment report

Other cool features

App integrations

toggl hire integration with zapier
toggl hire integration with Slack
toggl hire integration with Workable
Google Chrome
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