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Trusted by great companies worldwide:

Telia gamified campus recruitment to source young IT talents.

Proxify automated talent screening to speed up their time-to-hire.

Producement screened over 5,000 candidates, focusing on top 3%.

Hiring decisions backed by evidence, not gut feel

Get clarity around candidates’ skillset

Quickly understand candidates' strengths and weaknesses with a score breakdown by skill. Shortlist based on performance, not past experience.

Auto-grade with AI
Detect AI
Manual evaluation
Evaluation notes
Suspicious activity detection

Hire faster with
ready-made templates

Hire like a pro for any role or skill, even when it’s outside of your expertise. Pick a role-specific assessment template and generate a test in 2 clicks.

180+ skills to test
150+ templates
2-click setup
Fully customizable
Created by subject matter experts

Cheat-proof, for total peace of mind

From Smart Tests that guarantee a different combination of questions for every candidate to unique anti-cheating tracking features, our testing engine is purpose-built to withstand candidates’ cheating attempts.


Got a specific question in mind?Create a custom skills test

Sometimes automation isn’t the answer. Custom Tests give you the ultimate freedom to design role-specific assessments the way you want to. Pick from our library of 19,000+ questions or create your own to build the perfect test.

Custom skills test

A stand-out candidate experience

4 out of 5 candidates love the skills-first approach to hiring. Gamify your application process with quiz-like skills tests to boost your employer brand, provide instant feedback and attract passive candidates.

Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the test thinking all they have to lose is a few minutes of their time.

Paul Scharf, CTO at Toggl Track

candidate experience
“Our hiring process involves much less manual work. Toggl Hire gives a great indication of the candidate’s skill level and knowledge.This saves our recruiters lots of time!”
Triinu Pitk, HR Manager at Monese

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