Flexible project management with Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan can adapt to any workflow, yet stay simple enough for your team to enjoy using it every day.

Remote Work

Bring clarity to work, manage a distributed team, and keep your team together no matter where they work from.

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Project Management

Create project plans, track task progress, deliver projects on time, and manage your team without any stress.

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Project Planning

Create detailed, task-level plans, track milestones, and manage resources on an easy-to-use timeline.

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Product Timeline

Collaborate and create beautiful project timelines in minutes. Get a quick overview by zooming in to a week, month, or year.

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Task Management

Build task workflows, create tasks with due dates, prioritize tasks, and organize them in lists to get things done.

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Team Collaboration

Work on tasks with multiple team members, add file attachments, and share ideas via taskcomments.

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Calendar Planning

Create shared project and team timelines. Bring clarity to work by understanding who’s doing what, and when.

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Team Calendar

Create a shared team timeline to see who’s working on what, who’s available, and who’s on a vacation.

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Visual Planning

Collaborate and create project plans with a color-coded, beautifully designed, drag-and-drop timeline.

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Gantt Chart

Create high-level roadmaps, task-level plans, track delivery milestones, and share timelines with your clients.

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Kanban Boards

Plan tasks to do, get your tasks moving from “to-do” to “done”, visualize project progress on drag-and-drop Kanban boards.

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Idea Boards

Unleash your team’s creativity. Capture, discuss, organize, and refine ideas with easy-to-use idea boards.

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Visual Management

Get clear visual cues to manage projects, task progress, and team Workloads with easy-to-use timeline and boards.

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Product Roadmap

Create and share high-level product roadmaps, track milestones, identify risks, and manage team availability.

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“We have projects that crossover. If I have a question...I can’t just message Australia, they’re
asleep. But I can just ping onto their Toggl Plan and see how things are going.”

Ada Enechi, BuzzFeed

Connect to your favorite apps

Toggl Plan integrates with tools like Slack, Google Calendar and more. Use the Toggl Plan Chrome extension to add tasks from anywhere on the web in just a few clicks.

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