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How to work from home

We’ve been doing this work from home thing for a while. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Budget calculator

Generate a budget estimate PDF in just a couple of minutes, for free.

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How to manage remote freelancers and contractors

Learn how to overcome the challenges in hiring and managing freelancers remotely while getting top-quality work done.

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Popular articles

Project management for beginners

Learn about project management basics, methodologies, roles, responsibilities & the steps on how to manage projects from start to finish.

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How to build a product roadmap

A product roadmap helps organize and communicate a product’s vision to all stakeholders. Learn how to build a product roadmap from scratch.

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34 project management tools for every need

Overwhelmed with so many project management software options? Filter and find the best choice for you from our curated list of the top 34 tools.

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In creative fields, we’re mostly presented just the outcome and rarely told about the process. However, the way a team works – from set up to leadership – is one of the key elements in achieving success.

The way we work

In this volume we focus on the way creatives work. We talk to 4 of the brightest creative minds from InVision, MIT and other organizations to dig deep in their motivations and processes.

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The presentation pit

Sometimes design is more than process and creativity. This volume takes a closer look into how creatives approach presenting in the context of conferences and other settings.

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The expectations game

Communication can make or break any design team or client relationship. This volume looks into the art of managing expectations in the creative industry.

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