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This app is foolproof, and made tracking my hours for client projects so much easier. I like to work on various different tasks a day so I’m sort of all over the place. Toggl Track keeps me organized!

– App store review

Time-saving features. Powerful reports.

Toggl Track for iOS and Android brings the features you love to your phone, helping you maximize every minute

Easy time tracking with Toggl Track mobile app

Easy time tracking

Start and stop with one click! Forgot to start the timer? Add and edit all of your time manually and make sure that every second of your time is accounted for.

Scan QR code to start time tracking

QR code scanner

Create and share custom QR codes for time entries with pre-saved description, project, and client details. You can then scan the QR code to automatically start the time entry.

Snippet of suggestions feature in Toggl Track mobile app


As you use the app to track your time, it will gradually start to generate suggestions for time entries based on your time tracking habits

Bar chart of billable vs non-billable time

Graphs and pies

Charts in different formats help you easily visualize your data and see what you’ve been up to

Toggl Track mobile app integrates with calendars

Calendar Integration

Connect your calendar with Toggl Track and add events as time entries with a single tap

Use Pomodoro feature in Toggl Track iOS and Android apps

Pomodoro timer

Use our built-in Pomodoro timer for better focus and productivity. Customize the length of your focus sessions and breaks. Your phone will nudge you when it’s time to switch.

Examples of widgets and the live activity feature for Toggl Track mobile apps

Widgets, Live Activity and Dynamic Islands

View and manage your time entries from your home screen with our widgets for iOS and Android. For iOS users, our mobile app also supports Live Activity and Dynamic Island.

Use quick shortcuts for quick time tracking with Toggl Track mobile apps


By using @ and #, you can quickly add projects and tags to your time entries and get back to work right away!

Toggl Track mobile app dark mode

Dark mode

Take it easy on your eyes with dark mode. All the cool kids are doing it.

Download the Toggl Track mobile apps

Available for iOS and Android. You'll need a free Toggl Track account to get started.

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3D illustration of a launching rocket

I’m a one-man shop, doing consulting work for multiple clients, and Toggl Track makes that extraordinarily easy. If you need a sophisticated time tracker for billing and reporting, look no further.

– App store review

A little extra for iOS users

Looking to amp up your productivity? Instead of being productive with one app, you can be productive with all of your apps—at once!

Requires iOS 14 or later

Screenshot of Siri shortcuts with Toggl Track iOS app

Siri Shortcuts

Use Shortcuts to connect the best features of your apps to Toggl Track and use them instantly—all with just a tap or by asking Siri

Screenshot of widgets with Toggl Track iOS app

iOS Widgets

Place Toggl Track widgets on your Home Screen to start tracking with a quick tap and to stop your timer when it shouldn’t be running

Toggl Track is not just on your phone

Toggl Track is the easy-to-use timesheet tool that allows you to seamlessly keep tabs on where your time goes. Our mobile, web, and desktop apps sync in real time so you never lose a second—no matter where you start tracking

Illustration of mobile apps

Work on our Windows or macOS desktop apps

Popular with users who want to work with minimal distractions, with features such as tracking reminders and idle time detection

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Full access with the Toggl Track web app

Track time in our web app and review in-depth time reports or leverage project templates, dashboards, and time estimates

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Track in 100+ apps with the browser plugins

Use Toggl Track’s browser plugins to track from within tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, Todoist, and more. Available for Chrome and Firefox

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Make time tracking effortless with Toggl Track

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Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
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