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Toggl Track desktop app for Mac and Windows

We use Toggl Track every day to track all of our tasks. The desktop time tracking app is really simple with a welcoming UI. It's easy to keep in the corner of your desktop without distracting you from whatever else you're working on.

– User Review from GetApp

Toggl Track desktop time tracker adapts to your workflow

Features to help you track time with minimal fuss

Work offline with Toggl Track desktop app

Offline time tracking mode

Lost your internet connection? All data will be saved and synced when you come back online!

Snippet of the idle detection feature with Toggl Track desktop app

Idle Detection

When you’re inactive, Toggl Track Desktop will let you know. You can choose what to do with the time away when you’re back.

Snippet of the tracking reminder feature with Toggl Track desktop app


Set time tracking reminders for specific times or days. One less thing to think about.

Snippet of the pomodoro timer feature with Toggl Track desktop app

Pomodoro Timer

Set up the pomodoro timer on Toggl Track Desktop and we can nudge you to take your needed breaks at preset time intervals.

Snippet of the timeline feature with Toggl Track desktop app


The timeline feature records each website or program that you have viewed for more than 10 seconds and shows the data in a side-by-side overview with your current time entries. Available for Windows, coming soon for Mac.

Snippet of the Toggl Track desktop app's dark mode

Dark mode

Take it easy on your eyes with soothing greys. Available for Mac and Windows.

My favorite feature is Toggl Track's desktop app which has boosted my team's use of the service to nearly 100%. They can simply click the taskbar icon and a perfectly synced, minimalistic and simple Toggl Track tool is provided to them.

– User Review from Capterra

Looking for more information for your OS?

How to set up the desktop app for your OS, with OS-specific feature lists

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Toggl Track Desktop for Mac

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Toggl Track Desktop for Windows

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Toggl Track is not just on your desktop

Toggl Track follows you from your desktop to your phone to your browser. No matter where you start tracking, Toggl Track syncs your data in real time so you don't lose a second

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Track on the go with our mobile apps

Start and stop tracking from anywhere, with additional features such as shortcuts and widgets

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Full access with the Toggl Track web app

Track time in our web app and review in-depth time reports or leverage project templates, dashboards, and time estimates

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Track in 100+ apps with the browser plugins

Use Toggl Track’s browser plugins to track from within tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, Todoist, and more. Available for Chrome and Firefox

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Make time tracking effortless with Toggl Track

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Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
Toggl Track reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra, GetApp, Software Advice and GCrowd
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