Your team's workload, made visual

Toggl Plan is a simple, visual way for agencies and internal teams to balance team capacity and project workloads

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Struggling with scheduling conflicts, missed deadlines, and burnt-out team members?

You and your team deserve better.


Visualize and optimize your team's capacity


Keep everyone informed and aligned

Keep everyone informed and aligned

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Why teams love Toggl Plan

“Toggl Plan’s shared timelines mean no one is overwhelmed, even when juggling several projects at the same time.”

Ada Enechi
Senior Producer at BuzzFeed
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“What I like about Toggl Plan is that you don't have to jump in and be fully committed, it's a tool that can grow with you.”

Jim Walton
Managing Director of Ascend Studio
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“Managing team workloads in spreadsheets was a nightmare. Toggl Plan makes it easy to see everyone's schedule in one place.”

Piers Tincknell
Cofounder of Atomic Smash
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Built for fast-moving teams that want to switch to smarter planning

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Creative agencies

Schedule, collaborate, and deliver projects on time without overwhelm.

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Visualize plans, balance workloads and meet deadlines without burnout.

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Implementation Teams

Set realistic deadlines, implement projects on time with clear planning.

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See what better resource planning, more profitable projects, and happier teams look like.

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