Fun and Games

Looking to destress? Check out our fun and games, some made while we were very stressed out ourselves.

2D illustration of a character looking at a laptop, with a character sitting on their shoulder and giving instructions

Work From Home Hub

Best practices, tips and tricks to help you and your team stay productive and maintain balance when working from home

Illustration a unicorn wearing office attire with the title 'Unicorn', with a San Francisco background

Unicorn Startup Simulator

Create a billion dollar start-up or die trying

Illustration of multiple characters performing daily activities such as working, buying groceries and relaxing.

Design Your Perfect Week

Want a better life? Design a week that brings you joy.

A comic strip from the 'Deal with Life and Stress' site

32 Terrible Ways to Deal with Life and Stress

Life and stress getting you down? We may have the perfect solution. Or not.

A group of people in a meeting room

Out Of Office

A guide to establishing a successful remote culture

Illustration of a woman writing an email on the computer

Freelance Email Generator

Tired of responding to emails? We’ve got your back.

Photo of four people laughing in a cafe

Laugh Break

Happy people do better work. So spread the laughter to everyone around you!

Illustration of multiple characters and the title 'OKClient'


Run an agency and avoid taking on nightmare clients

'Timesheets Magazine' logo with a photo of a hand in the background

Timesheets Magazine

A digital magazine featuring successful artists and creatives in London and Berlin

Toggl Tools

Beautifully simple work planning

Discover Plan

Effortless time tracking and reporting

Discover Track

Skills-based hiring

Discover Hire
Toggl Global

Discover all three Toggl tools:

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